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September 29, 2012
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You ran into the school and immediately began looking for your friend, Natalia. You usually would look for Felix, but you have has enough of him for now. Last night he kept on calling you constantly last night until midnight, which in turn made you later than usual to school today. Thank god the bell hadn't rung yet.

You searched the school for Natalia, you dint like being left alone, it was awkward and boring. You searched the usual places you would find her (Following the path of one boy she liked through the hallway.) but you eventually lost hope and headed to find Yekaterina in the library.

You arrived to see Natalia and Yekaterina talking together. You gladly made your way over to them, but you saw the blonde haired boy, struggling with the homework assigned for last night.

"I should help…" You thought while you stared at him.

You continued to contemplate your plan of action while Natalia droned on about some dream she had about a boy called… Ivan? You didn't care nor listen; the bell rang signaling the five minutes everyone has left to sprint to their first period.

"Well, we still shave five minutes." Said Natalia, "Let's go get some breakfast, I'm hungry."

"Uh, sure." You nodded and began to walk behind her. But you suddenly summoned the courage to go and help the boy who was still working on the homework.

"Hey." You said. "If you need any help, I can lend you my paper."

He stared at you for a moment.


You sat down and dug through your backpack. You finally found the paper and handed it to him.

"Here you go!"

He looked at the paper then turned to you. He looked as though he was about to say something, but you have bolted out of there, hoping he didn't notice how nervous you were.

"You can give it to me in class." You called.

He nodded and you ran back to Natalia.

You entered English class shaking a little.

"What did I do?! That was probably a huge mistake, I'm sure he thinks I'm a stalker or a weirdo."

You sighed and took you seat. It had been a whole hour afterwards, but you were still freaking out. You slowly unpacked your backpack, hoping to look a little busy whenever he walked in. But you couldn't stop glancing at the door apprehensively.

As soon as he walked in you jumped and dove under your desk. You tried to stall yourself with peering into your backpack, hoping you really looked like you were doing something.
You popped up to make sure he wasn't walking your way. He was still unpacking his bag painfully slow, but you quickly fixed your hair, whishing today wasn't the day it decided to be frizzy.

As soon as he found the paper you quickly looked away, angling your face the way you thought it would complement you more.

"H-Here you go. Thanks for letting me borrow it." You noticed how his voice was so soft and light. It made him seem so… adorable. You couldn't help but mentally fawn over his voice.

"Oh, no problem! Were you able to finish?"

He nodded his head "Yeah, it helped allot, but I still don't understand some w=of the things she went over-"

"WELL if you don't understand why don't you have ______ like, tutor you?" You don't know how he got there, but Felix had just popped up and threw his arms around the two of you and pushed you tightly together.

"F-Felix! What are you-"

"I mean ________'s like totally ze wiz at English. I know, I copy off her alllllllllll the time."

Your face flushed. Felix stood there smirking at you as if saying "Say something, I like totally set you uppp!!"

"I-I wouldn't m-mind tutoring you…" You stuttered.

"Okay" He said. "I mean, my grades are kind of slipping and I need help on a few things… and your homework was a real help, so sure." He gave a faint smile.

"Great! No go make with ze switching of the info.!"

He happily skipped off to his desk.

"Um, so, when do you want me to tutor you?" You asked

"Is this Saturday at my house ok? I mean, i-it's ok if it's not its just-"

"mmmm." You nodded you head, trying not to cut him off, but save him form the rambling at the same time. "It sounds fine."

Then you realized,

"Oh! What's your name?"

"Matthew. I'm Matthew Williams."
I was actually going to upload this yesterday, but it was liek 1 o'clock and i was tired -____-

Teehee your a tutor now, i bet you dont know crap about english xD

hmmm I dont have anything really quirky to say so yeah.
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Dimonic-Fox666 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
jellybean245 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013
Am i the only one who pretended felix was pewdiepie? because thats his first name.
LunarRibbon Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
So Pewdiepie is setting up Reader-chan with Canada? XD
CandyBaby69 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013
omg yes
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Good thing I got straight A's last semester.
NanamiOfFallingSnow Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
XDD Oh matthew~ Good luck learning anything from me.
your right i suck at english plus i hate english class so canadas gonna have the worlds worst tutor
CreepersInYourCloset Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Professional General Artist
I know me too xD I'm like "why English? I Suck at English OH WELL"

Good luck Canada kun xP
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