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November 17, 2012
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Warning: Contains profanity, Enjoy!

"Hey! Are you ok?!"

You moaned and opened your eyes to see a boy with messy dark-brown hair sating at you. He had red lines that resembled fangs down his cheeks and a wooly hoodie with a dog underneath...? He held you in his arms bridal style with your head pressed against his warm chest. You didn't have time to respond before he drew his head closer to your face with his lips only centimeters away, and sniffed you.

"Ugh, you smell disgusting. Like flowers or some frilly crap."

You jumped and practically flew out of his hands.

"What the hell are you doing?!" you screamed.

"You smell bad; it really hurts my nose 'ya know?" He clenched his nose between his fingers "You 'otta be more considerate to others."

"What do you mean 'be more considerate'?! This is how a girl smells right?! Be thankful I don't smell like you and the shit you rolled in!"

"Who just saved you from drowning in a pond?"

"That's beside the point! And-"

You looked down and witnessed your pair of soaking wet bra and panties. Your face flushed into a bright red while you tried to cover yourself and released a quick yelp.

"KYAAA!" You yelled while you turned around, trying to cover your breasts with your arms, and kneeled down onto the grassy ground.

"Huh-?" was all he could say. He quickly looked away, but you could have sworn he had a nosebleed.

"Don't look! Clothes, clothes, clothes…" you futily searched the ground for something to cover yourself with until you felt a warm cloth covering your back.

You turned around and saw the boy covering you with his jacket, his head turned away, making sure not to look at you.

"Here, use this. It's not like I'd want to look at ya' anyway."

You pouted a bit at his insult and began to get up.

"Thanks… ACHOO!" You sneezed and wobbled a bit.

"Here." He picked you up into his arms again. "You're gonna catch a cold."

Once again you were pressed to his chest, but this time there was only a black shirt between you.

"Oh, um, yeah. Thanks..." The dog that had been resting under his hood jumped off of the boy's head onto you and nuzzled himself in the collar of the jacket. You couldn't help but reach up and softly stroke the dog…it was just so cute!!

"I wonder what the dog's name is." You thought. You jumped at a sudden realization and turned to the boy.

"What's your name?" You asked the boy.

"Oh yeah, I'm Kiba Inuzuka and this is my pal Akumaru." He grinned "What's your name?"

"__________. Akumaru seems to like me."

"He doesn't like you, he likes the jacket."

"Nuh-uh. He likes me. Way more than he likes you." You teased

You two continued to bicker mercilessly on the long walk back to…Where were you going?!
You let a complete stranger take you to god-knows-where... GOOD JOB.

Yes, it's short. If I put what I decided to put in chp 2 here it would be so long you wouldnt want to read it.

...KIBA HATES YOU SMELL xD HAHA but at least you get to wear his jacket
I dont care
I dont have emotion towards Kiba

have fun fucking a dog

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any way this was awsome!
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